PsychoBitch for CSM
PsychoBitch for CSM
  • PsychoBitch for CSM

    Because every part of EVE is important

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  • - Fed up of CCP making things worse instead of better?
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Making player-owned starbases simpler to operate, making mining worthwhile and fun (YES – FUN!), giving industrialists a ladder of skills to climb are all pieces that are important to fulfill the promise of the game. Every part of Eve is important.

Mining is the cornerstone of industry in EVE and as such should be the primary source of raw minerals in the game however it is boring in it's current form. This must change.

Industrialists keep the pilots of EVE amung the stars and while profitability should always be determined by the market, there are things that could be improved.


  • Sovereignty mechanics need overhauled
  • Null sec has too high a barrier of entry for those who wish to participate
  • NPC factions should be more aggressive in their own territory

The 0.0 playing field needs to be leveled. Infrastructure and services should be more vulnerable and open to attack or disruption regardless of the types of fleet assembled against them.


  • Level 5 missions should be available in high-sec
  • Factional Warfare should incude the various pirate factions
  • Making ISK in high-sec (missions, exploration, incursions, etc.) should not be curtailed or punished
  • Missions should be more random with unpredictable elements in them making them much less scripted

Many players in EVE choose to spend their hours in game rescuing dancers, transporting Quafe, blowing up Sansha's Nation and ridding the universe of those pesky rogue drones. This should be expanded further.


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